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One-on-one, Buddy, Semi Private Training, Performance Training

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Meet the Trainer 

Born and raised in Spokane, Wa. I’ve always had a passion for sports and fitness. I achieved a degree in Exercise Science from Eastern Oregon University on a Athletic Scholarship playing Basketball. I have been in the industry for over 12+ years. Coached teams and personal trained for 5 years after college before moving back home to Spokane to pursue a license to start my own business. 

I think as a trainer you must wear a variety of hats: personal relationships, fitness background/philosophies, and how to connect with people to learn and live a healthy lifestyle is critical in this profession. I think you learn a lot from your own personal experiences, being able to relate, being able to show and provide information/education from the things you’ve learned over the years can give you and clients credibility. 

If you workout with me you will find success. You will have fun, you will learn how to exercise properly and allow yourself to grow as a healthier individual, not just what’s on the scale. We will look into what works for your body and build a foundation that will work for you. You’ll be surrounded by positive people, a positive atmosphere, and just feel better about your days when you workout here at The Forge. 

If you’d like to try out a session or consult, fill out the form below and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 


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One-on-One Training


These sessions are designed to focus on you specifically. 30/45/1hr sessions. Individual Programming, meal planning, assessments, etc. There is definitely a demand for 1-1 attention if you have limitations, injuries or are new to working out. Some people just like to be told what to do and let us professionals take care of the plan. Show up and put in the work. If any of these are you, contact me and let’s set up session and get started! 


Buddy or Semi Private  

$30-$50/session per person 

Buddy or Small Groups are great for those with a spouse or friends, usually are familiar with exercise but need the accountability to stay on track. Semi Private sessions are very affordable and usually have some flexible time schedule. Typically 2-3x a week programs. 


Online Training 

$50-$200 programs

Not from around here? No problem, video or home programs can be implemented. All I need is information on home equipment or gym usage and can write up a program for your needs. Contact me today for more info on online training 


Sports Performance 

$40-$80/session per person 

Performance Training sessions are a great way to improve your athleticism. Speed, Agility, Jump training is implemented in a structured program given the athletes age, ability, sport, and season. As a Strength and Conditioning Specialist I will provide the best plan for the individuals needs. I offer both individual and small group sessions depending on sport and season. Message me for more details on openings. 

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Contact and Location 

Gym is Located inside Power Products Unlimited

Power Products Unlimited Building 5204 E Broadway Ave
Spokane Valley, Spokane County 99212

5099952962 call/text

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